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Monthly Archives: Oct, 2011

More Hunger Games Parodies, But By Other People!

This You Tube video is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. I meant to post this before, but anyway. There’s also a full-length THG parody novel due out soon, but I’m steering clear of it for now since I’m still working on my own fic. All I’ve read on it is a …

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Chapter One of My Twilight x Hunger Games Fanfic!

My name is Ella Stork. I am seventeen years old. My home is in the district of Spoons. I was in the Starvation Games. Other girls hate me. I tell myself this over and over again, whenever I feel I am in danger of gaining anything resembling common sense. So like, this is totally my story.

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Some Hello Kitty Goodies

Here are some Hello Kitty wallpapers and gifs which have been gathering dust on my hard drive. I’ve had these for so long now, that I no longer remember exactly where I found them. Enjoy! Desktop Wallpapers [1440 x 900, miscellaneous sizes] and gifs:

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