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You know you play too much Zelda when…


1 You think yelling, “Hey! Listen!” at people is a valid way to gain their attention

2 You roll across a vast, empty field on your way to town, because it seems quicker than walking

3 You mistake the rustling of a plastic carrier bag as evidence a Gold Skulltula is lurking nearby*

4 You terrorise your local grave keeper into leaving you his stretching, shrinking keepsake in his will

5 You always carry at least one empty bottle with you, in which to keep a fairy/potion/milk/fish/bug/Poe

6 You love home clearouts, because all those boxes give you the chance to re-enact your favourite block-moving puzzles

7 You collect rare mushrooms to give to the hag living in your street, in the hope that she’ll reward you with a blue potion

8 You get a husky dog, simply so that you can name him Link. Also applies to Nintendogs**

9 You then get a golden Labrador to keep Link company, simply so that you can name her Zelda. Also applies to Nintendogs**

10 Whenever you receive a package in the mail, you re-enact the treasure chest-opening scene, complete with sound effect, then proudly hold up the item, going “da-da-da-da!”***

11 You place a scarecrow in a high and difficult to reach place, so you can grab on to it when needed. You name the scarecrow Pierre

12 You wear a green outfit for a walk in the woods, a blue outfit for a trip to the beach and a red outfit for a day out at the er…volcano

13 You run a race against your bewildered postman every morning, but he always says he beat you by one second

14 You train to become a master archer, just so you can reward yourself with a quiver that holds fifty arrows

15 You don’t think there’s anything wrong in entering random houses and breaking jars, and running off with whatever coins you find in them

*I actually did this a few days ago

**I also really did this

***You know you do this too

Alongside my two brothers, I’ve been having so much fun over the holiday, playing Mario Kart 7 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D on our 3DSes, to the extent that I’ve been neglecting this blog. Even though I’ve played it several times already since its original release on N64, OoT is still as incredible today as it was back then. I’ve almost completed it, there’s just Ganondorf’s Castle left to go now. I promise I’ll be back and blogging properly soon! Once I complete the game, catch every last Big Poe and Gold Skulltula, that is…



  1. I think it is more appropriate to say that you know you don’t play enough Zelda when you don’t do 10 😛


    • Lol that’s definitely true. In fact, you can probably never play enough Zelda XD.

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