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Maki Horikita Joins One Direction Press Conference, Her Fans Cringe

When I first saw this photo I was like, “Wait, that looks suspiciously like Maki Horikita.” My only coherent thought: Why?! Also, WTF?! OK, that’s two thoughts.


After I finished asdfing, I found a video of One Direction’s failtastic Japanese press conference, and sure enough, Maki Horikita was announced part of the way through. No idea what she was doing there though? Since she’s hugely successful in her own right, I doubt she needs the money or the publicity. I mean, it seems to me as if Maki Horikita has been around forever, yet she’s actually still only twenty-four! It feels like a lifetime ago when I watched her portrayal of adorably awkward Nobuko in Nobuta wo Produce, and then in Kurosagi, again opposite Yamapi, and her beautifully moving performance as the tragic Kanon in Innocent Love, to name just a few.

Her presence at the press conference was utterly pointless. She should be asking for her money back right about now. Looking exquisite in a kimono, she rather unconvincingly asserted that she listens to the band’s music, or some such nonsense to that effect, before bowing and leaving. After which she went home and cried elegant, heart-shaped tears of woe into a bowl of miso. Probably.

As for the way the band behaved? Don’t get me started! I don’t know anything about these guys apart from the fact that they produce mediocre music for hyper-hormonal teenaged girls, but what I saw in the video did nothing to improve my opinion. What a horrid, obnoxious, arrogant bunch.

Well, to be fair, the big-haired kid seemed the most earnest, and genuinely pleased to be there. I couldn’t really bring myself to hate him, even if he does keep terrible company. The kid with almost no hair improved towards the end but lost major points for constantly whispering with the guy next to him – so incredibly rude! These guys need to learn some manners, seriously.

One band member mysteriously disappeared, and his absence wasn’t even mentioned, as far as I could tell. Conclusion: NOBODY GAVE A DAMN ABOUT THE GUY IN THE CHECKED SHIRT.

Aaaaaaand, I’ve never heard so many arigatou gozaimashitas! in such a short space of time. I know the Japanese are famous for being polite and all, but that woman must’ve broken a world record that day. The entire thing was wrapped up with a drive-by shot of the announcer, aka Arigatou Gozaimashita-san, wearing what appeared at first glance to be a white bathrobe.

You can watch the press conference in all its embarrassing glory right here.


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