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It’s Harvest Moon: The Gritty Reboot

Check out this funny live action parody of the Harvest Moon video game series. Even if you’re not familiar with Harvest Moon (the games are million times better than the somewhat dry description they’re often given), the video is still comedy gold. Okay, see you later – I’m off to play Harvest Moon: The Tale …

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Maki Horikita Joins One Direction Press Conference, Her Fans Cringe

When I first saw this photo I was like, “Wait, that looks suspiciously like Maki Horikita.” My only coherent thought: Why?! Also, WTF?! OK, that’s two thoughts. After I finished asdfing, I found a video of One Direction’s failtastic Japanese press conference, and sure enough, Maki Horikita was announced part of the way through. No …

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You know you play too much Zelda when…

1 You think yelling, “Hey! Listen!” at people is a valid way to gain their attention 2 You roll across a vast, empty field on your way to town, because it seems quicker than walking 3 You mistake the rustling of a plastic carrier bag as evidence a Gold Skulltula is lurking nearby* 4 You …

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Fashion Fails, Fashion Wins

So I found a horribly absurd news article the other day. Those creatures spawned from the depths of hell, the Trollsen Twins, i.e. Hairy-Kate and Trashley, have been named Vogue’s best dressed of this year. Yeah, seriously. Here are some pics of the trampy twins, looking like shit: I really hope that guy on the …

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