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The Starvation Games – the story so far…

Chapter 1: A Maiden’s Heartthrobbing Beginning!

Chapter 2: It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular!

Chapter 3: Fresh-baked! The King of Bread

Chapter 4: Being cleaned *shot*

I’ve caught the fanfiction bug recently and am currently working on my first ever fanfic, a Twilight x Hunger Games parody, with a Mary Sue protagonist, naturally *pokes a certain Bella with a pitchfork* It’s a completely ridiculous story and I had a lot of fun writing it XD.

You may read it here, or over at I find FFN’s uploading process a pain, so it’s only down to three (three!) lovely readers, (2dEVILiN dISGUISE2, oolalalalalalalalalaa, and Kate-The-Great-And-Powerful) who were kind enough to review my story, that I’ve continued to update the chapters on there.

For the curious, the chapter titles are references/puns on manga series. It’s *probably* only a coincidence that a couple of them are ecchi series…eh heh.

If Twilight and The Hunger Games mean absolutely nothing to you, you can check my Glossary page.

This is just for fun and I make no profit at all from it. However, this fanfic is my original work and I put a lot of effort into it, so please don’t alter or amend it in any way or reupload it anywhere – thanks!

It’s no problem at all if you wish to link to it though, as long as you remember to credit me as the author – I love to write and hope you gain as much enjoyment from reading my work as I did writing it.


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